Nicht einen Platz hat die Schnheit fr Kontrabassklarinette solo (2011); UA Wien 2011


                          In our dark:

                          Beauty possesses not only one place 

                          The entire space intended for it,

                          the beauty.


                          Ren Char (1943-1944)


The composition ... nicht einen Platz hat die Schnheit ... (... not only one place is intended for beauty ...) for double bass clarinet was written in Mlheim an der Ruhr (Germany) in 2011. It is dedicated to the musician cnd composer Theo Nabicht. The work is inspired by a dialogue with him, that twined around the beauty of the sound of the double bass clarinet, and finally about the essence of music today, and the apprehension that music degenerates to mere design serving a society that is dominated fighting for freedom with all desastrous means (particularily with those for war) instead of using all available resources of the earth to create a degnified, beautiful life.